Water Wrestling

Playfighting in Water

Water invites us to play, to fool around, and to experiment with our bodies under significantly altered conditions. As this is also what playfighting is about the two fit together perfectly. So let’s do playfighting in water, let’s do water wrestling!

When we wrestle and play fight in water, we realize that the physical conditions we normally rely on have dramatically changed. The three most important aspects are: weightlessness, the fact that we don’t have to be afraid of hurting ourselves by falling, and the slowing down of our motions as a result of the water’s resistance.

Many tactics that were promising outside the pool don’t work any more – at least not in exactly the same way. But on the other hand we gain many new possibilities. So it is all about adapting to the new conditions and playing with them. Safety and getting acquainted with water under the special conditions of playful wrestling will be an important issue.

What to bring?

If possible, please bring a pair of swim goggles, perhaps a noseclip (if you are sensitive to getting water into your nose), and / or a diving mask.

Participants wrote us:

“I loved the water-wrestling workshop @ Xplore Roma, last year with Frank and Sheila – awesome flow of energy, wonderful work…..highly recommended.” (Mark)