About Us

Frank Taherkhani (born 1969) studied economics, German literature, and philosophy; for his Master’s degree he wrote his thesis on “Prejudices”. Frank has been practicing various martial arts since 1984 (incl. karate, jiu-jitsu and WingTsun since 1991). He is a self-defence teacher and runs his own martial arts school.

Based on his experiences in the fields of martial arts and self-defence, in 2005 Frank started to show people how to have fun playfighting with their partners. Since then Frank has held numerous workshops, both in Germany (e.g. at Schwelle7, Zentrum für sexuelle Bildung, Zwischenräume, Haus der Kulturen der Welt) and internationally (Australia, England, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Denmark). Through the years he developed his own, unique approach to playfighting. His knowledge of safe, practical techniques and ways of behaving and his experience of how real confrontations work help Frank to develop exciting play scenarios.

Austrian Sheila Crux (born 1975) lives in Vienna and has a diverse bodywork background – among other things she practices Shiatsu, breath work, Contact Improvisation, Tango and martial arts. Adventurer with body and soul. Unbridled hedonistically and with a fetish for intensity, she is a restless wanderer who values the benefits of being caught in the middle. Vienna serves as her homebase for many voyages, from Europe’s urban jungles to Asia’s arcadian country areas.

She is passionate about sports, climbs mountains, flies hang-gliders and is trained in technical & cave diving, kayaking and whitewater rescue techniques. She is a contact communication trainer and regularly teaches workshops on breath guidance and control, water wrestling, and playfighting, both nationally and internationally. At Xplore Vienna, she held a class on Body Walk.