Our German web site:

Facebook group on playfighting (mostly in German, but contribiutions from all over the world are very welcome):

PlayFightClub Berlin – a monthly occasion for play fighting:

PlayFightClique Berlin at the Budohaus Do-Kai-Dojo conducted by Richard Sima (phone: +49 172 – 309 88 09). You can find latest events on Facebook.

Sensual FightClub in Berlin – hedonistic playfighting in all its facets. Every second month at Insomnia conducted by Stepán. For more information please write to:

Fight for Fun in Munich, Germany. Grapple & Cuddle Parties and more:

Playfight in Vienna – every first and third Sunday of a month at Schwelle7 (Vienna) conducted by Reinhard Gaida: (switch to English at the bottom of the page, playfigt events: see calendar).

Playfight Club Milano: Here’s the Facebook group

Brasilian artist and dancer Bruno Caverna shows his very unique dance oriented approach to play fight:

Dance – Tribe – Healing by Chetan Florian Erbe brings together fighting and dance (especially Contact Improvisation). One topic are Moving Sticks, they are derived from Philippine martial arts (Escrima, Kali and Arnis):

Australian Michael Maso Ellis brings together Playfighting, Movement, and Presence (Video). is a healing oriented lineage of bodywork developed by Matteo Tangi and diffused among many different countries. More info